Monday, November 26, 2012

Time to play The Feud!

Figures are worth a thousand swear words. That’s why last month, HIT Consultant compiled a list of 80 Mind Blowing EMR Stats & Trends that actually led the editorial team to the following conclusion:
“it was surprising to us at HIT Consultant to learn just how far EMR/EHR and Meaningful Use adoption has yet to go in terms of proving its effectiveness. While adherence to taking on such technologies appears to be high, enthusiasm regarding its impact seems to be anything but. It’s hard to believe that implementing such technology has left so many so disappointed and despondent. Efficiency in EMR/EHR implementation and operation seems to be lacking, too.”

Here’s a little Best Of...

Wait, there’s more:

Out of 100 hospitals, how many are scanning all patient records?
In 2012, out of 100 hospitals, how many don't believe that patient care benefits outweigh the costs of adopting an EHR system?
(Source: report by EHR provider athenahealth and Sermo)
 What percentage of healthcare leaders say they are satisfied with the degree to which their organization uses performance measures to evaluate the ROI of their EHR system?
(Source: BeaconsPartners)
How many physicians consider themselves "on target" to meet the federal "meaningful use" criteria?
(Source: Deloitte Healthcare)

How many physicians are interested in Mobile EHRs?

Which have been identified as some of the biggest barriers to EHR adoption?

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